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LEGO® Monster Fighters Race 1.0 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
Price: Free INSTALL

For kids 9-11 or anyone who enjoys the thrill of a race!

Lord Vampyre has gotten away with a valuable moonstone putting him one step closer to his dream of eclipsing the sun. He's jumped into his hearse and is speeding away -- the moonstone will be gone forever unless you can stop him!

Hunt down the evilest monsters in all of Monsterland in this high speed chase to save the sunlight! Play as all of your favorite Monster Fighters racing on four different courses. Are you quick enough to dodge the bats and spiders that The Werewolf summons to attack you? Are you agile enough to keep your car on course as your chase the mad scientist through hairpin turns? Are you fast enough to catch Lord Vampyre?

Show off your skills as the fastest monster catcher in town!

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